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Hengxin produces more than 5,000,000m3 of steel silos annually.

For over ten years, the steel silos undertaken by Hengxin have diameters from 3.0m to 25m, and heights up to 30m with a capacity of up to 7,000t, with a steel structure bracket installation height of up to 45m. In recent years, thanks to the efforts of the management and employees,, Hengxin silos have been expanded to cover most of China. It has completed many classic steel silo engineering projects that have won the trust and admiration of all involved. Hengxin now enjoys a reputation of achieving its major goals, and being and industry leader.

Steel Silos: Manufacture and supply complete sets of steel silos with various specifications. From technique, civil building design, conveying systems, self-control systems and includes installation and debugging.

Steel Structures: Hengxin undertakes the design, manufacture, and installation of steel structure projects.

Corrosion Resistance: Hengxin also provides corrosion resistance and heat preservation engineering services and advice

Hengxin researches, develops, and manufactures high quality steel silos to a high standard with an eye for detail to ensure a quality and technologically advanced product is provided. The technical department works closely with other national and provincial grain light industry and building material design institutes to constantly improve the steel silo design and associated technologies.

We attach importance to now, look to the future, we have to look to future customer, casts HengXin brand as a goal. With the honest and efficient style, innovation ability, scientific strict quality control system, the practical the HengXin quality, culture blends together in the society, with you hand in hand, for the construction of a harmonious society, the development of the joint efforts, the HengXin brand will create the glorious future industry.

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