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Technical features of spiral silo is the spiral undercut, with its quick constructional speed , closed performance, novel structure to get to promote. The high specialized quality of the imported equipment, which avoid the human factors on the quality of the technology, fundamentally guarantee the quality and performance reliability.

1. air tightness: This bending formed by special equipment with particularly good sealing performance. When store grain, powdered materials can avoided the outside temperature on the impact of the materials in the silo and can be satisfied with pesticides, fumigation, etc.. It is also suitable for liquid material stored. The height, diameter range can be greatly arbitrary choose, granary spacing can be as small as 50 cm, which highly adaptable, widely used to meet granular, powder, liquid-like material storage requirements in the cement, fly ash, food, oil, flour, food, brewing, starch, feed, chemicals, light industry, water treatment, environmental protection, electricity, ports and other areas.
2. short-duration: short duration, which can be great in reducing the cost of basic expenses and the silo building.
3. light weight: The weight of the spiral rolling steel silo is 1/6 of the concrete silo at the same volume.
4. High strength: Spiral undercutting is five times to the thickness of the body , which strengthened the loading ability of the body .

3.The hardware facilities
Our company has 7000 square meters workshop, 10 sets the international advanced professional spiral rolling silo equipment, including seven sets of SM40 type, three sets of SM30 type; a Fabricated steel silo production line; 50 units of mechanical processing equipment, and 60 sets of various welding machine and 10 sets of cutting machine, several silo eaves and accessory equipment tools. Main testing tools have the wei meter, the standard, detection, water level of several. The excellent equipment to ensure the remarkable quality and quality content of HengXin steel silo.

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