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The installation of Vietnam SUNJIN Feed Co.Ltd is completed successfully

Writer:WalkerSource:sales office Number of visits: Date:2018-5-22

On May 20, 2018, after two months of intense construction, the first stage project of the steel silo of Vietnam SUNJIN Feed Co., Ltd. Constructed by Jiangsu Hengxin Silo Equipment Co., Ltd. Is completed the lifting operation successfully.


This project will create a modern grain storage system for South Korea's SunJin Feed's 240,000 ton/year feed line in Vietnam to ensure the efficient production of its feed. The project consists of 8 sets of 2,000-ton steel silos, of which the first phase will consist of 4 2000 Tons of steel silo. This project is also the first time to make a large-capacity steel silo with steel support in the world. The engineering design and construction process have consolidateddecades of technology and experience of Hengxin.

 “Safety, durability, reliability, precision” is the core culture of Hengxin Steel silo. Our goal is to provide customers with safer steel silos. Hengxin Steel silo adopts the most advanced spiral steel silo manufacturing technology in the world. With many national patent technologies, we have successfully built more than 10,000 steel silos at home and abroad.

As a leading company in the storage machinery manufacturing industry, Hengxin is committed to solving problems, creating intelligent new storage concepts and creating the best performance for customers. and ultimately helping customers to achieve safe storage of materials,We will   make unremitting efforts for this purpose.

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