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Hengxin Makes The Anaerobic Tank For JCOC Enterprise

Writer:Dai MinSource:sales office Number of visits: Date:2018-6-2

Jiangsu Jinshan Environmental Protection Engineering Group is an integrated environmental water treatment company which combines investment design,manufacture operation and construction capacities to earn a general contract.The NMBR integrated sewage treatment technology is a new technology that combines a new type of compound biological agent with an active biological carrier and is put into an anaerobic tank and an aerobic MBR biochemical tank. The main contribution of this technology lies in the clever combination of the advantages of the biological bed and MBR technology, little landscape, low cost, and zero emissions of sludge.

 In February 2017, the company visit Jiangsu Hengxin Silo Equipment Co.,Ltd and decide to use the spiral steel silo as the anaerobic tank. At the beginning of March 17th, Jinshan company cooperates with Hengxin Company of a total of 10 Diameter of 16 meters,13.2 meters height, with a water storage capacity of 30,000 cubic meters.


The project is started in mid-May and completed at the end of June. The inside of fermentation tanks are made of 304 stainless steel plates and the the wall is made of hot-dip galvanized plates. The mixing tanks are equipped with a stirring system, a cleaning system, and a biogas collection device. At present, the anaerobic tank has been used for nearly a year, and the overall use situation is good, without any leakage or rust.

The anaerobic tank solves the problem of large-capacity storage of sewage, saving costs, speeds up construction, and improves the anti-corrosion capability of anaerobic tanks.it will be widely used.

My company has always been based on "customer-oriented", customer demand for the company's driving force. By actively studying changes in customer needs, we effectively organize resources and provide customers with high-quality, differentiated products, solutions, and services. Based on customer demand and technology leadership, the company continues to innovate. In the process of serving multi-domain and multi-industry customers, it meets the needs of customers, wining the trust of customers, and accumulating rich experience, establishing the company’s Leading position in the industry.

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