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Hengxin is invited to attend the 7th Asia-Pacific Bioenergy Exhibition 2018

Writer:FreyaSource:sales office Number of visits: Date:2018-8-24

From August 16th to 18th, 2018, Jiangsu Hengxin Silo Equipment Co., Ltd. Attends  in the 7th Asia-Pacific Bioenergy Exhibition 2018 in Guangzhou.

APBE (Asia-Pacific Biomass Energy Exhibition) is founded in 2012, formerly known as Guangzhou Biomass Energy Exhibition, and EUBCE (European Association. With the rapid development of Asia-Pacific bioenergy, APBE's globalization strategy has been continuously upgraded, it attracts countless exhibitors and The audience deepened the communication and interaction of the entire biomass energy industry, building a feast of the Asian biomass energy industry with a strong lineup and advanced academic discussion.

As a kind of new energy source, biomass fuel is of high calorific value, high purity, high combustion efficiency, and produces less sulfur dioxide, ammonia nitrogen compounds and dust, which directly reduces the cost of the enterprise, is greener and more environmentally friendly. The usage of energy source of big significance.

The wood pellets silos made by Hengxin are spiral steel silo, which has good sealing performance, solving the problem of storage and waterproofing of wood pellets. Compared with the original bulk pellets silo, Hengxin steel silo is safer. Hengxin adopts fully enclosed conveying equipment, mechanized automation of wood chip storage, loading and burning, and cooperates with Hengxin's patented wood chip dust collection device to reduce dust spill to improve the environment. At present, our products has sold to 50 wood pellets manufacturers at home and abroad. Hengxin will expand its influence in the field of biomass energy to benefit more biomass manufacturers and contributes to the environmental protection.

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