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12, bag type pulse dust collector debugging and maintenance

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From the current bag filter in the food feed industry use situation, there are re-election type, light wind network design problems, and ignore the dust system regulation and maintenance.

Grain feed industry in the treatment of dust concentration of gas is high, a large part of the dust collector is as a middle grading treatment equipment, dust collector selection is to achieve the technological requirements of a key step, but should not ignore the design of the dust network, The advantages and disadvantages of the design are directly related to the energy consumption, working ability and dust removal efficiency of the dust removal system. Dust removal system to meet the design requirements also depends on the system debugging and maintenance.

Commissioning and maintenance of bag type pulse dust remover

Debugging of Bag Pulsed Dust Collector

For debugging, professional manufacturers of the use of dust in the instructions are made a detailed description. Debugging is divided into no-load debugging and load debugging. No-load debugging mainly to confirm the mechanical operation of the machine and the effectiveness of the wind, the reliability of electrical linkage and procedural control of the rationality. Load debugging is mainly the performance of stand-alone wind net adjustment, to meet the design requirements.

No-load debugging of the general procedures:

① Check the transmission part (ash discharge mechanism) whether there is foreign body, jogging fan power switch, check the direction of operation of the wind turbine, ash stranding operation is smooth no abnormal sound, and make its normal operation time should not be less than 0.5 hours.

② Check whether the fan has foreign body, close the control valve, point the wind turbine power switch check the direction of operation of the fan.

③ check the support of the pipeline, the connection is stable and reliable. Open the dust detector to check the door, check the bag installed solid, sealed, open the fan to run the pipeline test, so that the pipe runs no sound, good sealing.

④ Check the power supply and the air supply is correct, turn on the pulse controller according to the order of digital display to check the control line and solenoid valve connection sequence, confirm the solenoid valve in order to correct operation. According to the pulse controller instructions set the control circuit, the number of solenoid valves should be matched with the output circuit of the controller. (Ie, the time interval between injections between adjacent solenoid valves), the pulse width adjustment range: 0.03 to 0.3 seconds, the pulse interval adjustment range: 3 to 60 seconds The Require the pulse controller to have accurate pulse signal output, digital display program number should be no disorder phenomenon.

⑤ observe the action of the solenoid valve is sensitive and reliable, active armature switch sound is clear and no chaos phenomenon, the pulse valve injection time and open the same degree.

⑥ After debugging, please turn off the power supply, gas source, close the control valve to do the safety protection of field devices.

General procedure for load commissioning:

① load debugging must be carried out after no-load debugging, load debugging follow the entire process test program, according to the process sequence to run dust collector.

② the use of dust before the use of compressed air in the case of centralized supply should first open the valve, check the pressure value, such as air compressor gas supply, air compressor should start the first (usually 15 minutes in advance), when the pressure rose to a certain value In turn, start the fan, pulse control system, over 5 minutes, then start the fan, start the fan before the control valve closed, until the fan is running normally and then slowly open the damper.

③ the dust collector is in working condition, observe the working state of the pulse controller, solenoid valve, confirm the normal, short turn off the fan and pulse controller, open the check door to see the surface of the bag bag collection situation, and according to dust dust Concentration to adjust the pulse width, pulse interval.

④ in the dust collector began normal operation for a period of time, to constantly observe its working condition, observe or detect the dust collector to better adjust the pulse width and spacing, to prevent excessive cleaning or cleaning, both of which will affect the dust The working status and performance of the device.

⑤ adjust the suction valve on the control valve, so that suction suction capacity to meet the requirements, so that the entire network in a reasonable state of operation.

⑥ If the dust collector itself does not work defects, and the entire wind network can not work properly, should check the wind network flow conditions, fan operating parameters, and thus determine the wind network design problems or dust and fan selection unreasonable.

⑦ If the dust is to be stopped after the commissioning of the system, please press the following parking sequence, stop the fan, and stop the press for N minutes. N is greater than or equal to three injection cycles until the pressure drops below <0.2MPa, Pulse control system, and then delay 5 minutes so that the ash bucket dust row after the closure of the wind dryer.

Maintenance of bag type pulse dust collector

Maintenance and repair should be cut off the power supply, air supply and air bag at atmospheric pressure. To carry out the maintenance of the precipitator, maintenance, should clean up the dust inside, and after repeated clean up to ensure that there is no dust, lighting is strictly prohibited to use the open fire. In the field to configure the fire extinguisher, to prevent dust explosion accident.

① establish a regular maintenance system, in order to detect problems in time to prevent major accidents.

② dust collector is strictly prohibited around the accumulation of flammable and explosive materials, good ventilation.

③ regularly check the sealed state of the dust, the wind (including the fan) running.

④ regular inspection bag, damaged when the timely replacement of the storage bag should also pay attention to dry, dust and dust, and to regularly check.

⑤ regularly clean up the gas source in the impurities and water.

⑥ regularly to the transmission refueling, plus must pay attention to dust, close the maintenance port must be installed when the gasket.

⑦ keep the pulse controller and solenoid valve clean, no dust and oil, regularly check the solenoid valve on the control coil.

⑧ equipment, duct surface dust layer should be immediately cleaned.

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