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15, corn drying process and equipment selection

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First, the dry conditions of corn

China's corn is rich in northeast, northwest and north China. Corn is late autumn crops, harvesting period is often bad weather, corn harvest after the water content is always high. In the northeastern region, almost all of the grain sector is corn-rich. Under normal circumstances the harvest of corn moisture is also about 20%, sometimes up to 25% -30%. In the northwest and north China, the newly harvested corn moisture content is generally much lower than the northeastern region, the general moisture within 20%.

Corn is one of the main contents of China's grain dry. When the original moisture content of corn is higher than 30%, the use of mechanical ventilation drying method or natural drying method for corn ear to the water treatment. Because of high moisture corn, not directly threshing, otherwise it will produce a lot of broken grain. When the corn moisture content is less than 30%, you can first threshing, and then drying. Of course, if it is dried as a corn seed, it is generally used to dry with a spike to ensure the vitality of the corn seed. (This paper is mainly for threshing corn drying after the relevant discussion)

Corn is difficult to dry one of the varieties of grain, mainly due to its large particles, the unit surface area is small, close to the skin structure, smooth, not conducive to the transfer of moisture from the inside to the outside of corn. Especially in the role of high temperature drying medium, due to the rapid evaporation of its surface water, corn under the skin can not be transferred out of the water, resulting in internal and external pressure difference and temperature gradient increases, resulting in corn grain skin cracking or hair deformation. Eventually leading to post-baking corn ripening, broken grains significantly increased, reducing the quality of corn. Therefore, in the high-quality corn drying, try to avoid the use of high temperature drying. Experiments show that when the temperature of the drying medium exceeds 150 ℃, when the temperature of corn is greater than 60 ℃, the corn will appear a lot of riot, and the quality of corn starch will decrease obviously.

In recent years, with the deep processing of agricultural products from extensive to fine the continuous development of many large domestic and foreign corn processing enterprises, especially the starch industry and alcohol fermentation industry, more and more attention to the quality of post-baking corn. This is a new requirement for dry corn, that is not only to dry, but also to bake well. Corn low temperature drying method has become a development trend, and gradually become the mainstream of the market, the following to deal with 300 tons of corn drying as an example, to be analyzed.

Treatment: corn 300 t / d; into the machine moisture: 18%, the machine water 13%, 5% precipitation.

The average ambient temperature of 15 ℃, the average relative humidity of 80% RH

Heat source: rice husk furnace after burning heat transfer clean hot air;

The process is as follows:

Feed the mouth → hoist → the first clear screen → hoist → into the wet warehouse → hoist → drying system → out of the material; in addition to heating systems and electronic control systems and so on.

A, equipment Total power: 132kwh, per hour to the water capacity W = 862kg water;

B, to provide heat per hour Q = 110 (about 40 per cent in the north)

C, coal burning per hour M = 259 (about 329.5 kg in the northern region) kg, of which coal calorific value by 5000 kcal / kg, the efficiency of coal-fired furnace by 0.85;

D, coal by 800 yuan / ton, the average price of 0.7 yuan / kWh;

Based on the above data, the unit drying cost is:

Southern region P = (132 × 0.7 +259 × 0.8) / 15 = 20 yuan / ton

Northern area P = (132 × 0.7 +329.5 × 0.8) /15=19.5 yuan / ton

The total area of ??about 500 square meters.

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