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17, steel warehouse warehouse warehouse at the end of the daily maintenance and maintenance

Number of visits: Date:2013-5-9

Maintenance and maintenance of warehouse

1, regularly check the roof cover is intact, fastening bolts are regularly on the top of the platform to repair, to prevent the feed hole, platform board, rain ring leakage, the appearance of the components rust, etc., if the rust should be promptly treated The Regularly on the overall welding-type warehouse, the top of the weld to check, according to the inspection to determine the necessary anti-corrosion treatment.

2, the process of holes (including ventilation holes, manholes, temperature wells, bit seat, etc.) for the appearance of corrosion inspection and leak detection.

Warehouse maintenance and maintenance

1, steel warehouse each filled or vent, to check whether the deformation of the warehouse wall, through the legs and other sensitive parts to be particularly careful observation, and do check records archive. Check the corners of the warehouse every year, according to the inspection of the warehouse wall for anti-corrosion treatment.

2, after each short positions, should check the warehouse, warehouse door sealing is good, whether the door around the crack phenomenon, check the ribs and warehouse wall connection. If the bottom of the cone, the cone should be the root of the site to check, according to the inspection of the cone on the anti-corrosion or other treatment.

3, each year on the straight ladder installation bolts for anti-loosening inspection, and check the use of materials for damage, according to the inspection of anti-corrosion or other treatment.

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