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18, steel plate in the normal use of other precautions

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Some other precautions in the normal use of the steel plate

1. Users should send someone to manage the steel warehouse. According to the relevant provisions of the state, the use of materials during the warehouse should be internal temperature and humidity inspection, according to the nature of the material stored and storage time, should take the necessary preventive measures (such as cooling, inverted warehouse, etc.) to ensure the safe storage of various types of materials.

2. It is strictly forbidden to add additional facilities and loads to steel silos.

3. In the warehouse fire operations to prevent dust explosion.

4. Should pay attention to the steel warehouse supporting the use of transport equipment, gate valves and other facilities of their own sealing inspection, should pay attention to the steel warehouse with the site of the rain inspection, to prevent the rain from the link into the steel warehouse, resulting in steel warehouse materials Metamorphism.

5, cement clinker loading library, can not exceed 85 ° C, if the temperature is too high easy to cause deformation of the library, resulting in insecurity.

6, fly ash steel plate gas storage equipment, the pressure can not exceed 10-12kg, to ensure that the stomata stomata open, such as dust found in the dust to clean up, filter cloth can not accumulate dust inside.

7, the use of eccentric loading is not allowed, eccentric discharge, is strictly prohibited warehouse wall directly out of the material.

8, regularly check the silo hole is open, is strictly prohibited in the warehouse pressure is too large.

9, the annual rainy season before the arrival of the construction side should carefully check the steel warehouse of the anti-corrosion situation, and regular anti-corrosion treatment.

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