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  • 產品名稱: Jiangsu Xinliang Flour Co. Ltd.

    The Successful Use of Spiral Steel Silos in Jiangsu Xinliang Flour Co. Ltd.

◆ Profile of the buyer: Jiangsu Xinliang Flour Co. Ltd, a subordinate enterprise of Henan  Xinliang Group, was established in August 12, 2008, in Huangqiao, Taixing City.

   As a professional flour-making company, Xinliang boasts over 80 employees, and its total assets amount to RMB 47.66 million, including RMB 12.5 million fixed assets. In 2009, the overall sales of Xinliang reached more than RMB 100 million (tax not included ), with RMB 1,2 million tax and RMB 1.16 million net profit. Professional production line, advanced equipment and complete workmanship enable Xinliang to deal with 350t wheat per day.

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