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Comparison of the spiral occluded steel silo and bolt assembly chamber:

  Project Bolt assembly chamber The spiral occluded steel silo
1 The form of the bin body Bolt assembly, on-site manual connection The spiral occluded, automatic lifting, on-site mechanical operation
2                The diameter of 11*H13.51 meters silo for example material comparison 100 g / m2 cold galvanized steel sheet 275 grams / square meters double quality of hot dip galvanized steel sheet
The cylinder wall plate 4.51 meters 1.2MM plate 5.0 meters 2.0MM plate
  1.2meters 1.5MM plate 5.0 meters 2.5MM plate
  3.37 meters 2.0MM plate 3.51 meters 3.0MM plate
  2.25meters 2.5MM plate  
  2.25 meters 3.0MM plate  
Silo roof 0.6MM board 1.2MM thickness of 275 grams / square meters double quality of hot dip galvanized steel sheet
  No skeleton The skeleton for the 5 channel, a total of 32 umbrella arrangement
The internal column cylinder 2 meters 2MM plate Column of the A:8 row.
  5.5 meters 2MM plate [[10#6 meters, 8#7.51 meters
  2 meters 2.5MM plate Column of the B:24 row.
  2meters 3.5MM plate [[10#3 meters, 8#3 meters, 6.3#4 meters [
  2meters 4.0MM plate  
  For plate bending Above is the Ji'nan iron and Steel Co. Ltd. GB steel
The cabin door, enclosure, ladder Processing paint handling Hot dip galvanizing processing
Bolt strength level Level 8.8 No bolt connection, on-site mechanical occlusion, to prevent the bolt stress fracture
3 Material requirements General (electricity galvanized plate 100G/M2), easy to rust, three years need to brush paint Strict (two-sided galvanized plate of 275G/M2 SGH340, SGH400, SGH440 galvanized sheet)
  The thickness of the steel plate Thin (0.4-3mm) Thick (2.0-4.0mm)
4 Steel plate utilization coefficient 87% 63%
5 Installation of machinery Simple, the scene manual pull gourd, time is long, single chamber for 10 days Complex 08 years in Europe, the latest imported technology unit of automatic operation, short construction period, single chamber for 6 days
6 Sealing performance Worse, a sealing rubber pad aging, easy to water seepage, not easy to be found, the internal material damp wall phenomenon, prone to insects Well, no water leakage, can install steaming system
7 Strength Worse, the cylinder bolt strength is not enough, easy to break, the column for the thin plate bending Week Xiangwu laminate thickness bite strengthen, strengthen vertical GB steel, good strength
8 Wind resistance, shock resistance Worse, the accident has annual domestic warehouse Well, can resist earthquakes of magnitude eight or greater, more than 12 typhoons
9 Waterproof leakage Differential accumulation, punching, installation error between bolt holes, field needed to correct, punching cracks, stress, metal fatigue Well, no water leakage, can store water, oil and other liquid
10 Life Bolt strength grade 8.8 intensity difference is easy to break, 5 years of domestic demand to replace the bolt, a rubber pad, Yi Shengxiu Industrial Zone of normal service life of 30 years, does not need any maintenance
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