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  • 產品名稱: Anhui Langxi Zhenghe Rice co.ltd

The Successful use of spiral steel silos in Anhui Langxi Zhenghe Rice co.ltd

  After construction for more than a month, the rice spiral steel silos of Anhui Langxi Zhenghe Rice co., a turn-key project by Hengxin Steel Silo Co., starting on January 15th, and finishing on March 10th, 2012, have started operating at site.

  With fixed assets of RMB 18 million and advanced production equipment home and abroad, Anhui Langxi Zhenghe Rice co., a leading enterprise in agriculture and sideline products in Anhui Province, focusing on grain production, processing and sales, processes over 300MT rice per day.

  The training for operation personnel is carried out. This is another successful project for Hengxin in Anhui Province, and its success marks huge advancement in rice processing industry of Hengxin.

  The high-quality equipment and satisfying installment service win recognition and praise of our customer, and lay a sound foundation for the coming cooperation.

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