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The project was for the raw material warehousing equipment of pellet feeder, suitable for medium feed factories with an annual capacity of 80, 000t for corn storage.
◆The project is an excellent example of absorbing spiral occlusion steel silo manufacturing advantages at home and abroad. Combined with years of design and manufacturing experience.
◆The spiral occlusion steel silo specification: 2-Ф14*H13m; volume: 4,000m3. It has many functions, such as cleaning before silo receiving, magnetic dressing and iron removing, temperature measuring system, ventilation system, material silo change, etc.
◆Main features: Floor silos, foundation height: 0.5m, saving investment, separate control and feeding and discharging systems; lifting machines, scrapers and other conveying machines have high output, low noise, low energy consumption, long service life, simple operation low maintenance, safe and reliable equipment in the workplace.


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