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  • 產品名稱: Malaysia Qili Aluminum Co. Ltd.

 The debug of system of Alumina silos for Malaysia Qili Alumina Co is done successfully in June 10th 2012. This program is the model of introducing German advanced technology in Malaysia Alumina industry. The price of producing silos is over USD 4,000,000.&nbsp; The equipment we provide involves 6-Φ14m*15m Alumina silos, the 600T/H lifting scrape and transportation equipment and producing and installation of relative steel structure.

  Now, the producing and installation of Alumina silos are proceeding at full speed in the work of Malaysia Qili Alumina Company. Three construction teams from our company are working hard to promote the quality and efficiency, not caring about how hot it is. Meanwhile, the 7-Φ23m*18.6m,3-Φ18m*15.5m,3-Φ23m*15.6m silos are being produced and installed.

  Thanks to the second cooperation, our company will open a window in Malaysia Alumina industry and enlarge the share of steel silos in Malaysia with the help continuous innovation.

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