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  • 產品名稱: pargas process co

Iran is the largest natural gas company in Hengxin company technical exchanges in the last three months and on-the-spot investigation after the final selection and Hengxin signed in 2011 October, the use of 8 sets of Φ 10M*12M stainless steel silo, material storage quantity is about 9000T, storing materials for Iwo, the project signing marks the largest spiral stainless steel the silo outlet project successfully used in chemical industry, to fill the gaps in spiral silos using the international, the domestic chemical industry, the use of Hengxin company developed the latest spiral silo construction technology of the project, the implementation of the United States of America ASME standard, in order to better ensure the quality of products, the Swedish Issa ESAB welding electrode welding, paint by international brand HEMPEL hempel-hai Hong bin body paint, upright, adopt 304 stainless steel manufacturing, the spiral silo smoothly will replace the old welding process warehouse, in order to save the investment, shorten the manufacturing cycle, ensure material quality, to provide a reliable guarantee


 Iran on behalf of the owners are seriously in accordance with the United States ASME standards, draw lattice acceptance of the paint beam, column part.


      Ring beam, column has been made according to ASME standard welding production, paint, after all the staff of the meticulous work has complete supporting 304 stainless steel silo, and the steel body for ultrasonic testing, penetrant testing, all through the once


Bin rotating blowout crushing device, according to American ASME standard production, paint and finish inspection work smoothly


Issa of Sweden ESAB electrode


Silo top cone has welding production according to ASME standard

Silo cone 10mm South plate, made according to ASME criteria for cutting, breach, has been completed and acceptance of work, ready for shipment

304 American standard flange material feed position


Silo with columns embedded parts, according to the American ASME standard, the use of 50mm thick plate production embedded board

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