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  • 產品名稱: Hunan Yiyang Food Co., Ltd. silo majesty

In November, 2011, thermal insulation spiral silos with capacity of 9800m3 each, and 29400m3 in total, the first silos for storage of betel nuts in China., were successfully put into use in Hunan Huangye Food Co.Ltd With two-months cite visits and technical communication with the company, and according to the features of betel nuts, engineers of Hengxin make special designs, such as the design of the thermal insulation silo, the adoption of Hengxin fully-enclosed belt conveyor and elevator of hot-galvanized steel sheet as well as the drying machine, which play an important role in the long-time storage of betel nuts. What’s more, the hot-galvanized steel ensures the nice appearance and long life time.This is a breakthrough of innovation of Hengxin, and a perfect reflection of spirit of Hengxin



We adopt polyurethane foam process, about 80mm thick, for the insulation of the silo body, and color-coated steel tiles for the periphery, which contribute not only to the keeping of goods in good condition for a long time but also to the nice appearance.



The hot-galvanized steel effectively protects the bad influence of spray-painting, and ensures long life time. And the fully-enclosed belt conveyor ensures the dryness and quality of the goods in a fully-enclosed environment.



The special spatial structure design the roof ensures the strength and stability of the silo

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